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Canadiana Challenge

Developed by a team of retired teachers,this jeopardy-style trivia game has won an award from the Ontario Museums Association for programming excellence.  Participants are grade 7 and 8 students who are challenged to demonstrate their knowledge about Canada, its history, current events, environment, and much more.  Schools choose eight students to participate at the school level.  The winning student from each school competes in the finals held at the Museum School on the first Monday of Education Week. 


Curriculum Links:

Grades 7 and 8: Language, History and Geography, The Arts, Mathematics, Science and Technology, and Health and Physical Education.
Grade 3: Social Studies – Early Settlements in Upper Canada
Grade 4: Social Studies – Medieval Times
Grade 5: Social Studies – Early Civilizations
Grade 7: History – New France
Grade 8: History – Canada a Changing Society